What Makes This Different?

With so many diets out there it's hard to know what to do. Very few who promote weight loss ever had a weight problem. They don't understand our use of food, the dislike for exercise and the lack of ability to conquer what triggers the need to over eat. Worse yet, most diets pull the amount and type of foods away and all our issues come rushing to the surface with no solution. It's no wonder we quit as it's a set up to fail. "Weight, WHAT?" will teach, coach and assist you in identifying your underlying issues and then provide real solutions that work in your day to day lifestyle. We also work with all medical restrictions and the majority of behavioral needs surrounding addiction.

  • No special foods, pills, shakes, fasting or other gimmicks. You have to learn to lose weight eating regular every day foods.

  • Exercise when you're ready, not when you're forced. You don't have to exercise to lose weight. When you feel better you will naturally do more.

  • Solve the behavioral issues that cause overeating. Your food will tell you EXACTLY what is wrong, who's involved, how it got started and how to solve the battle.

  • Get realistic tools to fight the difficult issues causing failure as well as holidays, eating out, family celebrations and night time eating.

  • Complete guide to rebuild areas of your life such as relationships, career, family and friendships that lead to overeating.

The Struggle is Real

From early years to adult years and yo-yo dieting in between...

"Yes, it's a life long battle but it is a battle that you can win once you solve the issues that are causing the addiction to food. There is one underlying issue that all other triggers are based on and you will uncover that during this journey.  You will define the starting point, who is involved AND how to finally heal and break your addiction to food." ~Founder, Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D.

Medically + Mentally Based Program

"Weight, WHAT?" works with all medical issues and is heavily focused on scientifically designed behavioral healing methods

Your Investment: $99

Course curriculum

Take a peek inside... (Topics of 12 Week Modules Below). Once you click on the "Free Preview" it will take you to the sign up page and the pricing will be on the right hand side. Ignore that, it won't charge you anything. It will gather your login information so you can come back and review any modules or lessons you didn't get a chance to preview. Sign in stops on the left hand side of the registration. No credit card or payment needed to preview the first full week.

Your Investment: $99

This includes the complete 12-Week Program with a full year of support, all the tools, handouts and program content to change your life!

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Three Part Program

  • Nutritional

    Food is not the enemy it is your body's fuel. Period. This program is done with real food of your choosing. You have to learn how to lose weight with the foods you keep going back to and this will teach you how! If you are under medical guidance, special food needs or other restrictions, this will work. Food is the EASY part of successful weight loss, it's the reasons that CAUSE you to overeat where the work begins.

  • Physical

    Many of those that struggle with food addiction also struggle with lack of exercise or a distaste for it. You don't have to exercise to lose weight, it will naturally and normally become a part of your daily routine when you are physically able to start doing it. During the program will you learn the information needed to design your own program once you get your food under control.

  • Behavioral

    Food is an addiction. Yes you enjoy the taste, yes you love large amounts but what you are seeking is the 'fullness' that erases the pain. You have specific triggers that cause you to go to certain foods to cope. We will teach you to interpret your food in a language that will tell you what is wrong, how to fix it and heal from emotional baggage you have carried through every failed weight loss program.

Done completely online at your pace of healing

We will be with you for the full year helping you reach your goals!

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Bonus material

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  • Your Own Personal Coach

    You will be assigned your own Personal Coach who will monitor your progress and be available to discuss any roadblocks.

  • One Year Access

    Weight management is a lifetime commitment. You will have full access to your purchased program and all future upgrades and materials for one year.

  • Lifetime Maintenance Group Membership

    You will have lifetime access to our private Facebook Maintenance Group to build your life after weight loss.

Why, WEIGHT? - $99

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