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What's Your "Why"?

Changing from the inside out

"Hello, I'm Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S., and my calling is to walk you toward your purpose and teach you the tools to live your best life. My specialty is working with individuals who struggle with morbid obesity, obesity, addictions and those who are simply stuck in their mistakes. Change is not easy, letting go is not easy but living a life on a level less than you deserve is heart wrenching. I've been where you are, I've struggled with your struggle and I have failed more times than I can count - so I stopped dieting and started healing my addiction to food. This journey is not for everyone. It's hard. It will push you to your limits - then push you to the other side of thinness. You will finally know the tools to read your food, identify your issues and solve your battle. The best thing is I'm going to walk it with you - through the lessons, through the discussion groups and live chats...I won't let you fail."
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What's Your

There Is So Much Inside That Needs To Come Out

Food is not the problem - lack of coping skills, unwanted experiences and needs that never got fulfilled or solved are the problems ...this is how your addiction was born

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Who Is This Program For?

I personally designed each step of this program for individuals who have battled obesity for many years of their life and have yet to conquer it. Those are the same emotionally driven people who built walls to keep others out yet carry their hurt, pain, frustration in extra weight that they can't let go. This program is 20% nutritional and fitness based and 80% behavioral based! It is an online weight loss and counseling program with step by step instructions on how to lose weight with regular, every day food and keep it off! There are also written worksheets, weekly quizzes and in-depth tools to help you face, endure and solve your weight issues. After the 12-Week Modules you have a full year of extended maintenance support with the founder and trained coaches.

  • Those who have battled with their weight five or more years and failed repeatedly; or have obesity running in their family

  • Those who know this is an addiction that goes beyond food and exercise but can't identify the underlying issues or solve them

  • Those with medical issues that are exacerbated by increased weight {diabetes, knee/hip/joint, heart conditions, etc}

  • Those preparing for weight loss surgery or who have had the surgery but put the weight back on

  • Those that have failed so many times in the past and feel like there is nothing more they can do.

  • Those that can't cope with complex parent or childhood issues or horrific experiences they have buried without using food

12-Week Online Course

with a full year maintenance package and lifetime support group

Find out more about what is involved with the "Weight, WHAT?" online program by clicking below. It's a very direct, no nonsense counseling based approach to lasting weight loss. You will use regular every day foods [there is no good or bad food] while solving the internal issues contributing to your food addiction. Upon completion, you will have all the tools to lose all your internal and external weight.
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12-Week Online Course

Short On Time?

Then this program will not be for you. It takes a daily commitment to let go of old ways that no longer serve you and learn new strategies that do.

What's In It For You:

This program will teach you the nutritional and fitness expertise to design your own program around your health and physical limitations. It will also carry you through maintenance for the many stages you will go through with your weight management long term. In addition, you will have the tools to fully understand your addiction to food and the vast amount of dynamics involved along with the answers to solve those issues as you continue to grow as an individual. Your world changes as you lose weight and learn to maintain your new size and identity. The way people view you and treat you changes along your journey too! This program will teach you the life skills to adapt to the new you on the inside and the outside while you design your best life. Weight loss is a personal journey. It has intricate components that will come to light and need to be solved. You haven't failed from your past weight loss attempts, you just weren't given the right tools to solve the triggers that sent you to food.You will have them now!

  • 12-Weekly Modules of nutritional, physical and behavioral skills for permanent weight loss using regular, everyday food

  • Digital food log and graphing system for C.O.R.E. issues and identification of problem areas

  • 60-Hours of Behavioral support from trained counselors for intense issues relevant to weight loss success

  • Weekly email reminders to keep you on task of what to do

  • In program discussion group for those not on Facebook

  • Full year access to all the program materials, presentations, videos, pdf downloads and quizzes for each week of the program

  • Lifetime member of our "Weight, WHAT?" private Facebook Group with regular Live Chats from Founder Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S.

  • Certificate of Completion | 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction*

  • This program satisfies medically based pre-op program proof for Bariatric Surgery Approval

What Other's Say:

Weight loss is an individual journey and just because something works for one person doesn't mean it will work for another. YOU have to put in the work because there are no shortcuts. All diets are designed to work - it's the behavioral component that makes it last long term.

Mark Johnson

It Was My Last Hope

Mark Johnson

I wanted to be able to dance with my mom on my wedding day. I lost 137 and have kept the weight off for 6 years so far. I also own my own company, had a house built and married with three children. All things I never thought I would ever do.
Regina Michaels

I was tired of being fat!

Regina Michaels

My weight climbed to 313 lbs! Since the age of 7 I've been chubby. It escalated until I was 23 yrs old and I had weight loss surgery. Two years later I had gained all the weight back. Until I dealt with my demons, food was my crutch. Now I'm 126 lbs and plan on staying there.
Lisa Stephens

It's Been a Long Journey

Lisa Stephens

I've battled my weight since my early 20's and I've quit Debra's program several times. She pushed me and made me face things I didn't want to face. Ultimately she gave me the tools and chance to create such a beautiful life. She's right, losing weight is the easy part - facing yourself and your stuff inside is the ongoing hard part. But now I know I can do this the rest of my life AND I get pizza and chocolate.
Lance Evans

NO Nonsense Approach

Lance Evans

WW is a no nonsense approach to weight loss. Debra's down to earth direct approach does not allow for any excuses and fudging the system. The process is simple - you choose the food you want to eat. You spend your calories like money - on what you want. The difference is she teaches you how to fail, how to identify triggers and how to lose weight from the inside out. 97 lbs lost and on my eighth year of maintenance.

Why, Weight?

Make the choice to conquer your weight loss goals for good!

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More About the Founder

"Until You've Lived It, You Just Don't Know," ~ Debra

  • National and International

    "Weight, WHAT?" behavioral program has been taught, trained and implemented in hospitals nationally and internationally for over 12 years.

  • Surgical and Non-Surgical

    Debra served as Director over Winona Hospital's Bariatric {Surgical) weight loss program and facilitated all support groups and non-surgical programs

  • Corporate and Private Arenas

    "Weight, WHAT?" non-surgical program {aka, F.L.E.X.} has been conducted in over 800 companies and private businesses throughout Indiana.

You Can Do This

You have nothing to lose. We 100% guarantee success. See the program details below, the course content in each week's modules and the founder's before and after pictures.

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