Below are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our program.

  • What is the age limit for this program?

    Due to the subject matter and intense behavioral therapy, we recommend participants be 18 years or older.

  • Will I have to buy anything else to do this program?

    No! There are no special foods, shakes, pills or crazy concoctions needed to lose weight. It takes YOU and your ability to push through the emotional and behavioral triggers that send you to food.

  • What foods are restricted?

    None UNLESS your doctor told you there is something for your health restrictions you can't eat. YOU will determine what you are hungry for each day. There is NO SUCH THING as a good or bad food - there is simply food and what WE choose to do with it. Big difference! We will walk you through every step of your program.

  • What about Exercise?

    You do not have to exercise to lose weight. Period. Will it help you lose it faster? YES Will it help your energy, mood, outlook, etc.? YES. Will it help with flabby skin and take inches off your body? YES. Exercise also helps with many health issues. It's very important and for some critical but when you get your food under control and begin managing that, you will naturally and normal move more, want to do more and have a different outlook on exercise when you are finally physically able to do it. We will teach you all the ins/outs and programs you can do at home when you're ready.

  • Should I check with my doctor first?

    Absolutely! We always recommend medical clearance. We also have information you can give to your doctor about this program. It is medically, behaviorally, nutritionally and physically based so they should have no problem with it, but get their approval or let us know and we will send them some information.

  • What if I want to quit? Can I get a refund?

    Many people want to quit often along the way. The issues we will assist you in coping with, the people you may have to let go of, the situations you may have to address all lead you to overeat and will need to be dealt with along the way. It's common to want to quit a thousand times. But we have some built in perimeters to help with this as well as in program and outside of the program support and assistance. Still, if you want to quit, and get a refund you can. You can quit anytime but to get a refund you must complete all the requirements of the first 12-weeks and send them to us and we will refund your money.

  • I have diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or other medical issues, can I do this program?

    Yes! YOU are in charge of your food choices. WE are going to show you how to 'read' your food and how to eat in the boundaries necessary for weight loss, maintenance and behavioral health.

  • Do I have to do the program on a computer?

    Yes, a computer is best using Chrome Browser - because there is so much audio. You will also have 8-10 lessons in each weekly module. Some will be downloaded, some done online. You can also do it on a laptop or iPad [but this option is not very dependable]. Our program is also compatible with your phone but you will need a tablet to writing things out.

  • How much will the program cost?

    $99 for the complete 12-week program; all handouts and information. You also have access for one year to the material and a lifetime membership in our online [Facebook] private group.